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Everything's better with a bit of salt water! Salt, sun and sand is the perfect recipe for a little self care. Luckily for our Aussie babes, Summer is just around the corner. It’s time to grab your fave TJ SWIM bikini, head to the beach and experience the salt water effect!

Have you ever noticed the calm wave that comes over you after swimming in the ocean? There’s a reason for it! Salt water has key benefits for your mind, body and soul that allow you to fall into a state of complete relaxation.

Not only is swimming an ultimate, full-body workout but swimming in salt water is also great for healing and clarifying the skin. ​​Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are 3 minerals that are found in sea salt. These minerals combat acne-causing bacteria, and leave the skin hydrated and moisturised guaranteed to give you that dreamy summer glow. 

A dip in the ocean is the answer to feeling fresh. The cold water and natural minerals work together to wake up the body and re-energise while also calming the mind, making it the best way to start the day.

If you're ready for a full day of waves, opt for the Maya One Piece. From the surf to the sand, this ultra comfortable, 80s inspired one piece is the luxe swimsuit you won't want to take off. 

If swimming isn’t your thing, simply float the stress away. Floating in the ocean is known to induce a state of flow, so let go and leave your mind and body relaxed.

The salt in the ocean water makes it possible for the body to gently float and leave the body feeling completely weightless, which is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Making it the perfect way to switch off and unwind while still enjoying the sun.  

Don’t forget! Summer essentials start with swimwear. If you’re heading to the beach for some well deserved R&R, your favourite TJ SWIM bikini will provide all-day support and comfort while you bask in the sun and float through the waves.

All TJ SWIM suits are designed to inspire confidence and last for an eternity of summers. So head to the beach, grab your favourite suit and soak up the sun (with SPF of course) making the most of a warm summer’s day.

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