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In a team filled with independent, driven and ambitious women, this year TJ Swim celebrates International Women’s Day by recognising how far we have come in the fight for women's rights. We continue to support each other, stand together, raise awareness and unite our voices. 

For the 3rd year in a row we continue to support i=Change and their fight to help young girls get a better education. We are raising our donation from $1 to $3 in support of International Women’s Day for the next 3 days

Millions of girls miss up to 20% of the school year (or drop out altogether) due to social taboos surrounding menstruation and lack of access to affordable menstrual hygiene management. 

For every $25 raised it provides access to menstrual hygiene management that secures a girl’s education. To date we have helped raise $27,456.00 for i=Change.



This International Women’s Day TJ Swim decided to start off their morning with like-minded women.  

With a hard hitting pilates class at Vue Pilates to start our morning off, Keryn Adhiwisnu and Daniela Kichman, co-founders of this incredible space had our abs burning and our heart rates up. We then came back to the office to an incredible breakfast spread made by platter Queen Karina from LAPAPAREDDA.

We asked our team what they love most about working in an all-female team and business.

Tara: “I’m proud to be a young woman in business and so grateful to have the opportunity to be surrounded by a team of strong, talented and incredibly hard working women. The business would not be where it is today without them.”

Lauren: “ Working in an all female team leaves me feeling inspired each and every day. Having the opportunity to learn and lean on strong women who provide support and creativity in all they do makes coming to work even more empowering and worthwhile. “ 

Jodi: “For me, working in a strong all-female team gives us the opportunity to work more collaboratively together, and feel a strong sense of support and team bonding.”

Elyce: “I love how much I have learnt working in an all-female team. Everyone has a voice and an opinion that is heard. There is something so special about how supported you feel!”

Maya: "I love seeing these girls come together and consistently support one another in everything they do!"


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